Fee Arrangements

The Hallmark of our success can be found in our creative fee arrangements. It is a given that an attorney is usually retained on contingency, one-time up front payment, or on installment arrangement. This is also standard for our firm. Nonetheless, we have rallied to the yearning of the client by tailoring our fee arrangement in ways that ensure that it is most trouble-free to the client.

Through this unique billing method, we can assure the client that he will The Law Offices of Solomon Bankolebe spared the nightmare brought by being hit with enormous billable time, or rigid payment arrangements.

Since we deal with professionals from all over the world, we have recruited personnel to break down the language barrier and to provide effective representations to our client without incurring the additional cost of retaining an interpreter.

More so through sustained learning and experience, our attorneys have acquired crucial skills in the legal systems of more than one foreign jurisdiction. We have found this to be remarkably useful in handling the many complex legal issues that are often brought before our firm.

More to the foregoing is that virtually all of our attorneys have advanced degrees in specialized areas of the law, with a proliferation, however, in different fields of international law. In addition, we foster more sensitivity to the special expectations of our clients by constantly drawing on the multi-cultural, multi-national character of our legal and non-legal staff.

For our size, we boast of a uniquely diverse team that continues to serve our clients very well indeed and in order to remain in the step with the changing legal trends, our staffs continually participate in numerous domestic and international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. We also periodically organize intra-firm orientations essentially geared towards boosting the practical skills of our legal team and support staff